Service Alerts & Updates

From January 29 through to February 11, 2022, the tariff fuel surcharge will be 23.80%. For customers with fixed rate pricing (volume discounts) the fuel surcharge will be 30.80%.

From January 15 through to January 28, 2022, the tariff fuel surcharge will be 22.30%. For customers with fixed rate pricing (volume discounts) the fuel surcharge will be 29.30%.

Click here for additional Fuel Surcharge information.

FSC surcharge levy of 4% to be applied to all shipments originating from, destined to and shipped within British Columbia (all ‘V’ postal codes)

For our complete 2022 holiday schedule, please click here.

Due to significant snow fall, we are experiencing service delays throughout Ontario and Quebec.
Effective January 16, 2022. View PDF

Loomis Express changes its pricing every year to account for inflation, and other cost increases. Throughout the pandemic, our teams worked every day to ensure your supply chains remained connected to your customers and suppliers coast to coast and around the world. Loomis Express is committed to continuing to improve and enhance the client experience as we adjust to the new normal.

New domestic rates are listed as below:

New international rates are listed as below:

New extended area rates are listed as below:

The full 2022 Domestic and International Rate Guide will be available for download before January 1, 2022.

All service levels have resumed to, from and within the lower mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island, with the exception of Lytton which is still inaccessible.

Freight currently in our network and any new shipments destined to the affected areas within BC is expected to encounter continuing delays as we work to clear the backlog. Please continue to monitor your shipments online or register to receive automated notifications on the status of your shipments as they progress.

Please continue to monitor the service alerts and updates page on our website for any changes.

Due to ongoing infrastructure issues within British Columbia (BC), significant challenges remain in transporting freight to, from and within BC. As a result of these challenges, we are experiencing unforeseen increases in cost to serve in these areas.

To ensure we continue to meet the ongoing shipping needs of our customers, effective Dec. 1st, 2021, a fuel surcharge levy of <4%> will be implemented for all Ground shipments to, from and within BC. All postal codes that commence with the letter ‘V’ will receive the increased Fuel Surcharge until further notice.

As an example, if the current fuel surcharge (FSC) is 15%, 4% will be added to the then current Fuel Surcharge for shipments to, from and within BC, resulting in a 19% Fuel Surcharge. All other shipments would continue to be assessed a 15% Fuel Surcharge. Click here for the FSC guide.