We're all about providing you and your customers with faster and more efficient ways to transfer and access electronic information. That's why Loomis Express offers advanced shipping technology support tools to help streamline the shipping process.

The great thing is, Loomis Express isn't limited to software and web based solutions. It includes industry-leading technology in our hubs and an information technology infrastructure - so customers get customized and integrated e-Solutions that help them solve challenges unique to their industry.


Loomis WebShip makes it easy to ship online as well as track, get proof of delivery, order supplies and much more.

Webship Guide
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Loomis Express Laser is a dedicated system with features like self invoicing, automatic addressing, email reporting, networking, consolidation and multiple account setup with user support and upgrades available online. System is complete with CPU, Thermal Printer, Monitor, Scale, and Report Printer.


Ideal for shipping returned goods from your customers back to your warehouse - simply by sending an online request.


This new online shipping tool will allow your vendors to process, prepare and ship a package on your account. With CollectShip, as a recipient you can authorize to have inbound shipments sent to you via Loomis Ground on a secure platform from a reliable service provider.

Billing Centre

The Loomis Express Billing Centre is a free, secure online platform where you can manage, view and print your invoices at your convenience. You have the ability to search for waybill images from the document lookup menu and download invoices in PDF, Excel or CSV file formats. Create reports and sort billing information by details like reference number, shipping date, tracking number and cost centre. If you share our concern for the environment and would like to reduce your carbon footprint, sign up to receive your invoice by email. All you have to do is register for a MyLoomis profile. Click here and sign up today.


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Electronic Data Interchange

You can lower your costs by eliminating the costly paper trail that comes with the shipment of packages. Our EDI system provides faster and easier processing of your shipments while improving overall accuracy. Loomis Express can receive electronic manifests and payment advice downloads, and is capable of electronically transmitting status reports and freight invoices directly to you.