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Help – Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

You can also call 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) and we’d be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Loomis Express?

If you would like to speak to a Customer Service Representative, please call 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647).

You can reach our National Office at:

Loomis Express
201 Westcreek Blvd. Suite 200
Brampton, Ontario
L6T 5S6
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Does Loomis Express provide a Saturday Delivery Service?

Loomis Express offers customers a convenient Saturday Delivery Service to major Canadian centres for a standard additional fee of $16.00 per shipment. Major centres include Vancouver (Metropolitan), Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto (Metropolitan), Montreal and Halifax.

For more information see Value-Added Services.

To use our Saturday delivery service, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Call Loomis Express by 3:00 p.m. on Friday. We can then alert the delivery branch of the incoming Saturday
  2. For a delivery to a rural location, call Loomis Express by 1:00 p.m. on Friday. We will then verify that your destination is a Saturday delivery point.
  3. Complete a Loomis Express waybill, check off the Saturday Delivery box, and attach a Saturday Delivery sticker to all packages within your shipment.
For a full listing of Saturday delivery points, call us at 1.855.2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647). Back To Top

What type of Track and Trace capabilities does Loomis Express have?

Loomis Express has designed a leading-edge parcel management system track and trace based on the hand-held computer used by all of our drivers. As the package moves through the coast-to-coast Loomis Express distribution network, vital information is scanned into the system at key locations.

Critical information regarding who has received your package and when, waybill and parcel numbers, along with proof of delivery and digitized signatures are accurately recorded. You can access this information online instantly, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world, using our Track Now! application on this website.

For your convenience, you can view all shipments in one convenient table. Or, you can call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) and they will track your shipment for you. Back To Top

Why do split/short shipments occur?

Although our team at Loomis Express works hard to make sure your package gets to where it has to go, and we have the technology to prevent mistakes from happening, a shipment may occasionally be delivered incomplete. There are two likely reasons: human error (misdirected package during sorting) or, if it is a dangerous goods shipment and must travel separately from all other freight, it may have been transported on a separate vehicle.

To track your package more easily, please ensure all your packages are marked with a barcode and contain complete address information, including postal/zip code. You can trace individual packages within a shipment using our Track Now! application on this website.

See Value-Added Services or our shipping Terms and Conditions to find out more about Dangerous Goods shipments. Back To Top

Why are residential deliveries sometimes a source of difficulty for a courier?

Delivering to people's homes is very different from delivering to a business address. Often the resident is not at home when the courier arrives, and is therefore unable to sign for receipt of a package. This creates an inevitable service delay, as we must attempt to contact the person by phone and arrange for a re-delivery. This is not only time-consuming and costly for the sender and the receiver, but also for the courier.

The easiest way to ensure that residential packages are delivered without delay is to write "NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED" in the instructions box. (Please note that this relieves the courier of responsibility for non-receipt of the package and should only be used for shipments of low value.) Back To Top

Does Loomis Express provide packaging for my shipments?

Loomis Express provides cardboard envelopes, plastic envelopes, mailbags, stickers and waybills for your shipments. Please see Ordering Shipping Supplies for a complete list of supplies available.

Whether you use Loomis Express packaging or your own, a Loomis Express waybill must be attached to each package in your shipment. When you ship a package using the Internet, a waybill will be printed off with a portion to attach to each package in your shipment.

If you wish to use Loomis Express supplies, you can order them at the same time as your pickup, and a Loomis Express driver will deliver them to you. Or, click on Ordering Shipping Supplies to place an order through our website. Back To Top

What documentation do I need to send shipments to international destinations?

A Loomis Express International Waybill must identify all shipments destined to locations outside of Canada. Dutiable shipments (those that are not simply documents) must have the proper customs documentation for the destination country, or they will be held in Canada.

Loomis Express has created a convenient Commercial Invoice for commodity shipments.

For more information see How To Fill Out Your Waybill.

Although our representatives are extremely knowledgeable about the documentation and clearance procedures required by U.S. Customs and can advise exporters accordingly, failure to provide or correctly complete proper international shipping documents can result in lengthy service delays. These and other customs delays are beyond the control of Loomis Express, although we will do our utmost to advise you of the status of any delayed package.

Please see Terms and Conditions regarding shipment guidelines and restrictions, or contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647). Back To Top

What service guarantees does Loomis Express provide?

See our Products and Services menu for the full range of services offered by Loomis Express.

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My driver was just here, but I forgot to give him another package. Can he come back?

A Loomis Express Customer Service Representative will quickly contact the driver to see if he/she can return to your place of business. If he/she cannot return immediately, a Customer Service Representative will re-schedule another pickup for you. Back To Top

Does Loomis Express offer same day delivery?

We do not offer a same day service, but we do offer a next day 9am Express Service, and other time-critical services.

See our Products and Services menu for the full range of services offered by Loomis Express. Back To Top

What are your package size and weight restrictions?

Packages are restricted to a maximum of 150 lbs. in weight and 72 inches in length for both air and ground shipments, for all destinations. Back To Top

What is the cut-off time for my area?

Please see Drop-Off Locator for a complete listing of times and locations, or call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647). Back To Top

Do you ship COD?

Our Return Cheque Service is a great solution for shipments requiring payment for goods on delivery. In this case, a Loomis Express driver collects payment (in the form of a current or post-dated cheque, certified cheque, bank draft or money order) on delivery and returns it directly to you from anywhere in Canada. Back To Top

How do I find out when my package will arrive?

Our transit times vary depending on the destination of the package, and which service you choose. Please refer to the Loomis Express Rate and Transit Guide for a complete list of transit times or click here. Back To Top

If all the information is on the waybill, why do I still need to address the subsequent boxes that have "B" stickers on them?

This is a precautionary step taken just in case your packages become separated during the sorting process. By labeling the subsequent boxes that have "B" stickers on them, you will be assured your packages arrive safely. Back To Top