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how to file a claim – domestic

In Case of Damage

  1. Please call 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) within 48 hours of the date of delivery to request an immediate inspection.
  2. You must submit a Letter of Intent to Claim for damage within 60 days of the date of delivery.
  3. In the event of concealed damage, you must contact Loomis Express no later than 48 hours after the date of delivery. Failure to do so may jeopardize the settlement of your claim.
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In Case of Loss

  1. Please call 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) and request a trace of any missing packages. You will need to give the following information to your Customer Service Representative:
    • Description of the shipment
    • I.D. number, serial number, model number, dimensions, colour, value and number of packages being traced
  2. You must submit a Letter of Intent to Claim for loss and any supporting documentation within nine (9) months of the expected date of delivery.
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Submitting a Claim

If you need to submit a Claim, the following documentation is required:
  1. Letter of Intent to Claim outlining the circumstances and type of claim, in addition to the amount being claimed.
  2. A copy of your waybill showing that Loomis Express picked up the package.
  3. A copy of the shipping/supplier’s invoices covering the shipment in question.
  4. A copy of the inspection report (for damage claims only). This documentation should be forwarded to your local Loomis Express office. Upon receipt of these documents, we will forward an acknowledgement and begin to process your claim.
If you require any assistance or clarification, please call 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) and ask to speak to one of our Claims Coordinators. Back To Top

How To File A Claim – International

Claims must be submitted at Point of Origin, meaning the shipper must claim if the shipping fees were paid by that company. Otherwise the Account charged for the shipment fees has the right to claim.

Damages must be reported to the local Loomis Express office within 48 hours of receiving the damaged Goods.

The claim for Lost or Damaged Goods must be submitted within 30 days from the date the shipment was picked up by Loomis Express.

Claims should be submitted within the 30-day time limit even in the case where a search for a lost parcel is in progress.

Payment will be considered in the amount of $100.00 USD if the item was not insured at the time of shipping.

Contact Loomis Express International Claims: 1-866-223-8319.

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How To Read Your Invoice

Whether you view it online, or as a paper copy, the Loomis Express invoice summarizes all your billing information in a concise, easy-to-read format, including:
  1. Account Information – a quick summary that includes the date of the invoice, your account and invoice number.
  2. Mailing Address – if any portion is incorrect, please notify us immediately.
  3. Message Board – this is where we’ll let you know of any new products or services, or important news.
  4. Account Summary – a quick review of all your account information.
  5. Remittance Portion – this clearly summarizes your account balance after payments and credits and the amount due. Please send this along with your payment.
  6. Detailed Billing – upon request, we can provide detailed shipping information within the current billing period, including cubing detail and additional fees.
  7. Terms of Payment – this includes payment due date and penalties associated with overdue accounts, as well as tax registration numbers.
  8. Account Discrepancies – use the space provided for any inquiries you may have about your account. If you have any questions or comments, please call the number listed on the remittance portion of your invoice.
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Payment Methods

Your payment options include:
  1. Cheque (include remittance)
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or at the nearest Credit and Collection Centre
  4. Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard)
  5. Cash – payable to a Loomis Express driver
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How To Fill Out Your Waybill

At Loomis Express we want to ensure all your international shipments are delivered quickly and efficiently. Accurate and precise documentation is key because the right forms, filled out with the correct information, will get your shipment where it needs to be, when you need it there.

This section outlines some of the most commonly required documents for international shipments. If you have questions about any of the following forms, please call 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) and speak to a Customer Service Representative. Back To Top

How To Fill Out A Domestic Waybill

Follow these step-by-step instructions for filling out a domestic waybill.
  1. Enter your complete street address, including the postal code.
  2. Enter the receiver’s complete street address, including the postal code.
  3. Check this box if your shipment is prepaid and enter your Loomis Express Account Number.
  4. Check this box if your shipment is collect and enter the receiver’s Loomis Express Account Number.
  5. Indicate the service required: Express or Ground.
  6. Indicate any "value-added services" required. Remember to affix the corresponding sticker to your package.
  7. Enter the date of the shipment.
  8. Indicate if the shipment contains envelope(s), flyer(s) or parcel(s), and the total number to be shipped.
  9. Enter the total combined weight (pounds/kilograms) and dimensions (either in inches or centimeters) of all pieces of the shipment.
  10. Enter the value of the shipment if you want to declare a value over $100. If you do not want to declare any value, enter NIL.
  11. Enter any reference number you wish. This information can be used to trace your shipment at
  12. Read the "Terms and Conditions" on the back of the waybill, and sign your name where indicated.
Please ensure you have completed all areas of the waybill before your Loomis Express driver arrives for your pickup. Please leave all other areas of the waybill blank, as they may need to be completed by our personnel. Back To Top

How To Fill Out An International Waybill

***Please note effective April 7th, Loomis’s International Waybill has been changed to reflect the new addition of Time Definite International suite of services.***

The following are step-by-step instructions for filling out an International Waybill for U.S. and International shipments. Please note that all U.S. and international shipments must be sent prepaid.
  1. Payer account number and protection details. Please choose the method of payment. For transport charges to be paid by the receiver or 3rd party, specify the payer’s account number. If this is not specified, the invoice will be sent automatically to the sender. To protect your shipment, please specify the value of your shipment.
  2. Shipper’s account number. If you have an account number, please enter it here. If you do not have an account number, please leave this field blank.
  3. Shipper’s name. Contact person.
  4. Shipper’s reference. Enter any reference number that might help you to identify the shipment in the future. Please note that the first TWELVE characters of the sender’s reference will appear on your invoice. 5. Shipper’s company name. 6. Shipper’s address.
  5. Shipper’s postcode / zip code. Shipper’s postal code or zip code.
  6. Shipper’s telephone, fax number or e-mail address.
  7. Receiver’s company name.
  8. Full delivery address.
  9. Receiver’s postcode. Receiver’s postal code.
  10. Receiver’s name. Contact person.
  11. Receiver’s telephone, fax number or e-mail address.
  12. Shipper’s agreement and signature. The sender must sign and date the Air Waybill, thereby confirming that the stated details correspond to the contents of the shipment, and accepting Loomis’s terms and conditions as shown on the back of the waybill.
  13. Shipment details. Enter the total number of pieces, the total weight rounded up to the nearest half kilo and the dimensions of your shipment in cm (length, width & height).
  14. Full description of contents. Give a full description of the items being shipped. The information provided must be accurate. If there is insufficient space, the Proforma or Commercial Invoice must give full details. The description of the contents on the Air Waybill should then state “Refer to Invoice”.
  15. For non-document shipments only. Enter the declared value of the shipment’s contents.
  16. Services. Indicate the required service by marking the appropriate boxes. Not all services are available to and from all locations. Loomis Express 9:00 and Loomis Express 12:00 services are available to select International locations. Loomis Express Worldwide services are available to the US and selected International locations. Loomis Express 10:30 and International Ground services are available only to the US.
  17. Air Waybill number.
  18. Loomis will not deliver to post boxes.
Click here to view the new International waybill. Back To Top

How To Fill Out A Commercial Invoice

Various export documents are required for all non-document shipments to the United States and overseas, depending on the destination and the commodity.

The main document is a commercial invoice, required by law for most commodity/commercial shipments. The Loomis Express International Waybill saves you time by combining the waybill and commercial invoice on one form, and may be used for shipments with a declared value of less than $1,250 US. If the shipment has a value of more than $1,250 US, or is being sent anywhere other than the United States, a separate commercial invoice must be used (see the example below).

One signed original and two copies of the invoice must be filled out completely and included in all U.S.A. and international shipments by affixing them to the first or lead parcel in the shipment.
  1. Enter your complete street address, including the postal code.
  2. Enter the receiver's complete street address, including the postal code.
  3. Please indicate the shipment details, including:
    • The country of export
    • The country of manufacture
    • The final destination country
    • International waybill number
    • Terms of sale
    • Currency of sale
    • Name of importer
  4. Indicate the type of package to be used as well as any identifying marks on the package. Provide an accurate, detailed description of each item in the shipment.
  5. Enter the total number of pieces you are shipping.
  6. Enter the size and weight of package.
  7. Enter the unit price of each item you are shipping. For items with no commercial value, indicate a minimum amount and write "Value for customs purposes only" under "Total Value" (8).
  8. Please indicate the total value of each piece.
  9. Enter the total combined value of the goods you are shipping in either Canadian or U.S. dollars.
  10. Ensure that you have signed and dated the original invoice. Signing the invoice indicates to customs that the shipper assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the description of the contents.
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